Plastic core solutions for the slitting rewinding Industry - Mica, Foil, Holographic security film

Who and What and Why?

We supply some of the largest specialist tape, mica, polyester and adhesive tape companies in Europe.  We deliver directly into companies and also into their rewinding agents.  Our cores have anything from carbon fibre to aluminium foil to mica to banknote security strips wound onto them:  Plastic moulded cores offer strength, accuracy and are dust-free. They also have much better shelf-life than cardboard as they don't absorb moisture and cone-off with age.


Our products are primarily used where tolerances, strength, cleanliness and repeatability demand a "good" core. Cardboard and extruded cores offer excellent cost benefits but don't give the perceived and actual quality to the finished goods. Our cores have radiused edges, can be notched or keywayed, colour coded, are round and have widths within 0.05mm or better. They can also be stacked together without fear of significant errors building up to give a wider range of winding options and flexibility.


We can supply standard width and ID cores, in any colour, keywayed or slotted, in a range of thicknesses.  As we are a manufacturer we can also tool to any particular size requirement and can either amortise tool costings into the supplied product or cost separately.  We also offer a range of retrospective discounting options on longer term ordering.


Our current core ranges goes down to 5mm and 1/4" and up to 36mm widths. We have 1", 2" and 3" ID cores in various thicknesses and also 40mm, 55mm cores.  We are soon to be making larger IDs up to 120mm and beyond.

Meet your packaging regulations - plastic cores are recyclablDefra Packaging Regulationse! 

Adhesive tape products

We support the environment  - over 95% recycled plastic feedstock used